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Pilgrimage route

In December 1917, Claire Ferchaud founded the community of Loublande with the blessing of the bishop of Poitiers, Monsignor Humbrecht.

She will spend her whole life there, until her death on January 29th, 1972, praying and offering herself intensely with the desire to obtain perpetual mass.

From the bottom of the valley, the sanctuary inaugurated after the death of Claire Ferchaud leads directly to the ascent of the Way of the Crosses (erected in 1948) with multiple stairs leading to the top, with a magnificent view of the Bocage.

There, a large cross stands with four altars marking the cardinal points to celebrate the perpetual mass there.

A visit to the house where Claire Ferchaud was born offers simple testimony to life at the start of the 20th century. Then a path leads to the small chapel, end of the loop accessible to all.

The sanctuary and the paths of Rinfillières are open to pilgrims every day, with, every Sunday afternoon (or by appointment), visits to the birthplace of Claire Ferchaud to understand her history better .

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