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Claire Ferchaud, daughter of peasants, born in Rinfillières in the heart of the former "military Vendée" on May 5th, 1896, was baptized the very day of her birth.

From her childhood, the Child Jesus accompanies her on a daily basis and becomes her companion for many years. He trains her, educates her, corrects her and helps her to forge a strong soul, entirely devoted to the Sacred Heart.

The Child presented himself to her so simply that for a long time she did not know how to be privileged and thought that all children lived the same thing.

"The most distant memory that still remains vivid in my mind is this: being still in the cradle, long before uttering a single word, therefore long before the awakening of reason, I remember the continual presence of a Child, of marvelous beauty, who stood by my cradle, was that my good angel? Or just a child of the family? Later, I will recognize in the same features the sweet and lovable Child Jesus.
But, at two years and below that age, it was enough for me to see Him to be wise and happy without thinking that He could be a Supernatural Being, I was soaked in this presence well before knowing it, so this state was quite natural to me, which is why for a long time I will not think of saying thank you to my darling Jesus."

Text extracted from Claire Fechaud, volumes 1 and 2 published by Téqui

Originally from Puy Saint-Bonnet (49), Claire goes to school in Loublande (79) until the age of 12 just after her First Communion. She then had to take care of her parents sheeps in her native hamlet of Rinfillières.

Claire Ferchaud's childhood home

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